MIRIT TOM-B Military Fusion Thermal Imaging & Night Vision Binocular

TOM-B Fusion Thermal Imaging Binocular & Night Vision

MIRIT TOM-B Military Fusion Thermal Imaging & Night Vision Binocular



TOM-B five-light fusion multi-function observation thermal imaging & night vision device is a handheld infrared detection device that integrates infrared, low-light, visible light and laser with multiple functions and uses. It adopts a variety of advanced sensors, processing circuits and optical components to form a system, which can observe and detect targets around the clock under the ring mirror such as day, night, haze days, and dense smoke, and has a powerful fog transmission function. Support built-in positioning module, electronic compass, laser rangefinder, image storage, fusion function, can help users locate observation position and target coordinates and azimuth and other geographic information, so as to quickly find and dispose of targets. Comfortable to use and easy to carry. It is suitable for reconnaissance, surveillance, outdoor hunting, security and other scenarios.

1. Multi-function observation thermal imaging night vision device can record, take photos, 5 optical channels, support image fusion, infrared, low light, visible light, laser night vision and other observation modes, to meet the use of different scenes.

2. TOM-B Fusion Thermal Imaging & Night Vision Binocular Integrated photograph, video, storage and playback functions, support self-positioning and target positioning functions, recognition distance of vehicle-shaped targets, infrared > 2km, visible light >6km.

3. The working distance of laser ranging is 2~6000 meters, automatic calibration, sensitive induction.

4. Using high-precision electronic compass, true north positioning, high reliability, strong anti-interference ability, and clear orientation.

5. Clear night vision effect, strong recognition ability, and can identify character features and stationary vehicle license plate numbers within 1500 meters at night.

6. Support screen-off recording, support optional 830nm non-red exposure military grade laser, which can effectively prevent the exposure of law enforcement personnel's own targets.

7. Built-in positioning module BD+GPS dual-mode positioning, light weight, long battery life, simple operation

8. With analog video and digital video output, support external power supply, USB, serial port and mobile device interconnection through WIFI, remote wireless observation and control.

9. Support target coordinate positioning, target search, self-coordinate positioning and other functions.

Switch between multiple observation modes

Image modesubschema
Infrared modeWhite Hot
Black Hot
Fusion modeBlack and White Fusion
Desert Fusion
Jungle Fusion
Ocean Fusion
Urban Integration
Snow Fusion
Visible light modeNormal Mode
Fog-through Mode

Observation mode display

Thermal Imaging Mode
Visible Light Mode
Fusion Mode
Low-light Mode

Shortcut Menu Setting

Main Menu Setting

Technical Specification

Infrared thermography
Resolution640 x 512,12μm
Working band8~14µm
Field of view6.1°   ×4.8°
Visible light imaging
Sensor2400 x 1920,2.7μm
Resolution750 x 600
Field of view4.6° x 3.7°
Laser ranging
Human eye safety band1535nm
Measuring range≥6km
Ranging accuracy2m
Positioning module
Positioning modeBD+GPS
Horizontal Positioning Accuracy (CEP)5m
Elevation Positioning Accuracy (PE)10m
Electronic compass
Azimuth measurement range0°~360°
Azimuth measurement accuracy0.5°(RMS)
Pitch angle measurement range-90°~+90°
Pitch angle measurement accuracy0.4°(RMS)
Tilt angle measurement range180°~180°
Tilt angle measurement accuracy0.5°(RMS)
Laser indication
Security levelClass   IIIA
Display1280 x 10240 LED
Storage10000 JPG & 4h AVI
Eyepiece visibility-4 to +4 (diopter)
Weight≤2.lkg (with battery)
Battery life≥8h
Size198 x 210 x 105mm
InterfaceExternal power supply/USB/PAL/R5232 HDMI WIFI
Operating temperature-40℃~+55℃
Storage temperature-55℃~+70℃
Degree of protectionIP67
Country of OriginCHINA
DistanceInfrared modeVisible light mode
Human(1.7*0.5m)discern Range850m3000m
Detection Range1700m4500m
Identify Range5000m10070m
Car(2.3*2.3m)Discern Range1200m4000m
Detection Range2400m6000m
Identify Range6000m12200m

Images of TOM-B

TOM-B Fusion Thermal Imaging & Night Vision BinocularTOM-B Fusion Thermal Imaging & Night Vision BinocularTOM-B Fusion Thermal Imaging & Night Vision BinocularTOM-B Fusion Thermal Imaging & Night Vision BinocularTOM-B Fusion Thermal Imaging & Night Vision BinocularTOM-B Fusion Thermal Imaging & Night Vision Binocular