MIRIT NVB65 LRF Night Vision Binocular with 1500m Rangefinder

MIRIT NVB65 LRF Night Vision Binocular with 1500m Rangefinder

MIRIT NVB65 LRF Night Vision Binocular with 1500m Rangefinder


Features of  MIRIT NVB65 LRF Night Vision Binocular

The low illumination image sensor adopts a low illumination image sensor, which is easier to detect targets, especially in dark environments.

Day and night dual use all weather observation supports day and night dual use all weather observation, without any time constraints. Depending on the ambient light used, you can choose between day and night viewing modes.

★ Always provide ultra high definition full field images, combining high-definition sensors with advanced image processors, to provide users with full field high-definition image quality, presenting all observation details one by one, and without losing image resolution under magnification!

The 1500 meter long-distance distance measurement function is an important indicator for customers to choose in outdoor environments. While watching, it can achieve a long-distance distance measurement function of 1500 meters, whether in low light environments during the day or night.

★ One click activation of high-definition recording or photography function During the observation process, 1080P high-definition recording or photography function can be activated with one click, timely recording of exciting moments, truly achieving "see what you think, take what you see". At the same time, it also supports recording of surrounding sound and saving of time and date.

★ WIFI connection to mobile phones enables synchronous viewing and remote control functions. Users can connect to smart devices such as their phones (Android and iOS systems) through built-in Wi Fi, and simply download an app called "Mobile Vision" for free from the app store. On the mobile phone, the APP software enables you to synchronously watch the images displayed in the eyepiece of the instrument in real time. You can remotely control the functions such as taking photos and videos, set parameters remotely, and play/download/delete/share pictures and video files with one button (share pictures and videos to WeChat/QQ/Tiktok, etc.).

★ The dual infrared band infrared auxiliary light selects the 850/940 dual infrared band. The observation distance under the 850 band infrared light is longer, while under the 940 band infrared light, it has stronger concealment for users. It provides two types of auxiliary lighting in a completely black environment, ensuring multiple observation requirements.

Smooth digital zoom (zoom in or out) Smooth digital zoom achieves a perfect combination of magnification and field of view. You can zoom in or out on the viewing target to provide a panoramic view and a closer look at details.

The high-precision Beidou+GPS composite positioning and precise outdoor GPS positioning function can effectively locate the user's geographical location, facilitating the recording of travel routes and sharing of location coordinates with family, friends, or colleagues.

★ The electronic compass/pitch angle/barometer function product has added very practical electronic compass, pitch angle, barometer (altitude, altitude, temperature) and other functions, which are very suitable for outdoor use.

The video output function has a video output port, which allows users to connect the product and independent image display devices through a video output cable.

★ Image brightness adjustment function: Users can manually adjust the brightness of the viewed image according to their personal preferences

★ The independent adjustment function of the unilateral objective lens is used to facilitate timely and fast focusing to see the image clearly. The right objective lens focusing function is adopted, which is of great significance for observing moving targets or searching for targets. The left objective lens can amplify and reduce the illumination range of the infrared auxiliary lamp to meet the diverse observation needs at night.

★ More comfortable binocular observation adopts a binocular lens structure design, which can effectively reduce eye fatigue caused by long-term viewing and maximize the restoration of observation effect. Because the human brain has pre adjusted to receive visual information from two optical channels simultaneously, and combined this information into a complete image. When observing with one eye, the brain can only receive a single piece of information. So under long-term observation with one eye, users can easily feel visual fatigue and discomfort.

★ The pupil distance can be adjusted. The eyepiece pupil distance can be adjusted, and users can set the product according to their needs. Because everyone's pupil distance is different, adjusting the appropriate pupil distance can greatly improve the comfort and quality of viewing, and eliminate ghosting, ensuring that anyone can comfortably use this binocular night vision device.

The wide eyepiece design aims to provide users with a comfortable viewing experience. In terms of eyepiece design, the width of the lens has been increased, with a diameter of 19mm. The wide eyepiece design reduces the fatigue and dryness of long-term observation in the eyes.

The ultra wideband multilayer antireflective film objective lens adopts ultra wideband multilayer coating, which allows more light to enter the interior of the night vision instrument, enhances the transmittance, and makes the observation image brighter.

★ Ergonomic design of the body, with an anti slip and lightweight body, making it very comfortable to hold with both hands, even with one hand. Make it as easy and effortless as using a telescope.

★ Support micro SD cards within the 4G-128G range to be inserted into the micro SD card (4G-128G) and capture videos or pictures, save your adventure records, and share exciting moments with family and friends!

★ Support multiple power sources, such as batteries, mobile power sources (power banks), direct current, and car power sources. Satisfy different choices and be flexible in use.

★ Support the installation of a tripod (1/4 screw) for fixed point viewing, making viewing more stable.

Specification of MIRIT NVB65 LRF Night Vision Binocular

ModelNVB65 LRF
Appearance StyleDouble Eyes Double Barrel
Digital Night Vision Level5th Generation
Detection sensor1/2.8
Sensor resolution1920X1080
Magnification rate5-30 times continuous magnification
Field of view angle5.9 ° (horizontal direction) X4.4 ° (vertical angle)
Eye distance range65 (+/-5) mm (adjustable size)
Visual adjustment range (diopter)+5°/-5°
Objective lens diameter50mm
Recording quality1920X1080
Photo quality1920X1080
Observation modeDay/Night (color/black and white)
Nighttime mode gears1-4gears(N1/N2/N3/N4)
Infrared auxiliary lightSupport (2 types) (new feature)
Infrared auxiliary lamp wavelength850/940  (new feature)
Screen brightness adjustmentsupport (1-3 gears)
Distance measurement functionsupport (new feature)
Ranging distance10-1500 meters (new feature)
Distance measurement accuracy± 1 meter
Distance measurement data display duration10 seconds
TF memory card port support supporting 4G-128G
USB PortSupport, Type C (USB 2.0 standard) (new feature), support for power supply function, access to data
HDMI video portSupport, micro
★WiFi connection to mobile AppSupports iOS&Android, image and video transmission/remote control, and can be one-to-many
Effective distance of WIFI connection to APPWithin 20 meters
★GPS positioningsupport
★GPS positioningsupport
★Pitch anglesupport
★Barometer (pressure, altitude, temperature)support
★Sound recordingsupport
★Date Recordsupport
TypeCR123A X 3, 3.7V lithium-ion rechargeable battery, model 16340
Other power supply methodsSupport, such as mobile power supply, DC power supply, car power supply,
Low battery indicatorsupport
language selectionChinese, English
Protection gradewater proof
External tripodSupported, 1/4-inch tripod interface, Picardini
Product size205X125X58mm
Official warranty1 year

images of MIRIT NVB65 LRF Night Vision Binocular

MIRIT NVB65 LRF Night Vision Binocular with 1500m Rangefinder MIRIT NVB65 LRF Night Vision Binocular with 1500m Rangefinder MIRIT NVB65 LRF Night Vision Binocular with 1500m Rangefinder MIRIT NVB65 LRF Night Vision Binocular with 1500m Rangefinder MIRIT NVB65 LRF Night Vision Binocular with 1500m Rangefinder MIRIT NVB65 LRF Night Vision Binocular with 1500m Rangefinder MIRIT NVB65 LRF Night Vision Binocular with 1500m Rangefinder MIRIT NVB65 LRF Night Vision Binocular with 1500m Rangefinder