MIRIT NVB65 Digital Night Vision Binocular with GPS WIFI

MIRIT NVB65 Digital Night Vision Binocular with GPS WIFI

MIRIT NVB65 Digital Night Vision Binocular with GPS WIFI



New digital night vision instrument. With excellent low illumination image sensor, it is easier to find the target and match the unique image processor. The image processing speed is fast, the image is clearer and the details are more perfect.

 Day and Night Dual-purpose Function

According to the use of the environment can choose day and night dual-purpose viewing mode. Color imaging during day and low light, black and white color imaging at night, better recognition of observed targets in different color modes.

Recording Function

Support 1920 X1080 HD video and picture shooting; can record the user's own and surrounding sound, help to save the use of the situation at that time, easy to query in the future; can record the date and time.

 Screen Zoom Function

Digital electronic zoom function 5 times-30 times can close the viewing target or push away, can view the overall situation, but also can be carefully observed.

WIFI Function

Connect night vision instrument and mobile phone with night vision instrument WIFI APP, preview night vision instrument to watch image in real time on mobile terminal supported by the APP; can directly click on the corresponding button on the mobile phone screen to perform video and photographic function; can directly set some functions of night vision instrument without entering the function menu of the instrument; can store / delete / download / play the files stored by night vision instrument;

Manage the shooting video stored in the local download, can play, delete, share and so on.

Fnfrared Adjustment Function

infrared lamp auxiliary lighting can be turned on or off, infrared lighting range can be adjusted.

★ port function: support 4 G-32G memory TF card; USB port can connect computer to read memory card file, also can connect 5 V 1A mobile power supply, dc, on-board power supply, etc.; HDMI high-definition video output port can connect a separate display screen, through the display screen to watch the image or other operations.

★ playback function: can play back pictures or image files on night vision, and can delete or protect files.

★GPS positioning and electronic compass pointing function: with GPS positioning function, can display the user's coordinate position; electronic compass can display azimuth and angle.

★ ultra wideband multilayer coating, extreme transmittance, image brighter.

★ eye distance adjustment function: eye distance can be adjusted, suitable for people with different eye distance.

★ instrument built-in screen large, viewing a wider range of vision, more comfortable.

Adjusting the right lens ★ one hand can focus quickly, especially for outdoor viewing of moving targets or moving search targets.

★ ergonomics design, both hands hold very comfortable, light fuselage, one-handed grip can also. When you look for a target outdoors, especially a moving target, you can capture the target and record the image in time.

★ support English and simplified Chinese language selection to meet the needs of users in different countries.

★ have IP65 dustproof and waterproof grade, can be used in bad environment (fog, rain and dust environment, etc.) normally

★ screen brightness adjustment function: the brightness of the viewing screen can be adjusted according to the different conditions of using ambient light in order to see the target more clearly and meet the requirements of user comfort.