InfiRay FLIP Series PH35+ Handheld Thermal Camera with Rangefinder

InfiRay FLIP Series PH35+ Handheld Thermal Camera with

InfiRay FLIP Series PH35+ Handheld Thermal Camera with Rangefinder

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InfiRay FLIP  PH35+ Features

In addition to the imaging power brought by the 640 x 512 sensor and the 35mm lens, the InfiRay FLIP PH35+ boasts a 1403 yd detection range.

Now featuring a stadiametric rangefinder for estimating object distances, the upgraded InfiRay FLIP PH35+ Handheld Thermal Camera retains the foldable, rotatable 5" AMOLED display and pistol grip for east wielding in both industrial and outdoor applications.

Ultra Clear's thermal imaging technology that sees through strands of hair

The Matrix III algorithm has been upgraded to make the image quality clearer, sharper and more delicate.

ALL IN ONE large screen folding machine

Foldable screen, easy to carry. 180-degree flexible opening and closing, a new form of outdoor flagship handheld.

Use in adverse environmental conditions is aided by a built-in light, digital compass, and an external laser. The camera's internal lithium-ion battery lasts for up to nine hours and can fully recharge in as little as 2.5 hours. A USB Type-C cable allows you to connect the PH35+ to either an external battery source or to a computer to view, select, copy, and delete recorded videos and photos.

Reliable, dustproof, waterproof, and drop-proof

Precision body composed of high-performance materials, 1.5m drop resistance, IP66 protection level.

Technical parameters

Thermal Imaging Resolution640×512
Pixel Pitch17μm
Field of view17.8°x9.8°
Detection range (human)2333m
Ranging distance1200m
Frame rate50Hz
Battery life9 H
Display resolution1280×720
Manual focusingYes
Image modeJungle, City, Bird Watching/Black Hot, White Hot, Red Hot, False Color
Electron amplification1×、2×、4×、8×
Hotspot tracking/
Laser pointing
RangingLaser ranging
interfaceTYPE C
Operating temperature-10℃~50℃
Ingress protectionIP66
Sensor typeUncooled vanadium oxide
Spectral Band8~14μm